Doulas don’t simply provide support during labor and delivery, we support you throughout all phases of conceiving a child and becoming a parent. The true nature of a doula is to “mother the mother.” While this is most visible during childbirth support, it’s invaluable to have one on one support for both you and your partner throughout this wonderful and challenging journey.

Fertility Doula Support is essential if you:

  • Have decided it’s time to grow as a family, but it’s not quite happening as fast or as easily as you thought it might.
  • You feel as a couple, it’s becoming difficult to stay positive and close throughout the process.
  • You want to hire your Birth Doula now, and would like one on one preconception education and support.
  • You struggle with healthy habits and would like someone to assist you through accountability and planning.

Holistic Conception Class

Virginia Doula alt LogoWe will discuss your journey so far and what your obstacles have been. Together we will create a plan for you to overcome difficulties with this process, finding out exactly what is in your way. This meeting helps me create your personalized plan, as well as understand you better and help you achieve your dreams with the knowledge and resources I have available. Holistic conception methods can be used alone or in addition to your medical care.

Prenatal Education & Birth Planning

Virginia Doula alt LogoAlthough it seems like we are skipping ahead, it is important to understand the birth process, to think about things in specific terms, and to understand what your body is about to do. We will talk about what you will experience from conception to delivery, physically and emotionally.

Support at Fertility Visits

Virginia Doula alt LogoAs part of your package, I will accompany you to fertility clinic visits for moral support. I am always available by phone for support, discussion, and encouragement afterwards if you decide to decline in person appointment support.

Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Virginia Doula alt LogoYoga sessions will be personalized for you and your partner. All supplies will be provided and instruction is for any level of practice, and classes will be held in the comfort of your own home. We will focus on breathing and meditations, energetic physical breakthroughs, and overall increased energy & vitality.


Virginia Doula alt LogoA healthy diet will nourish your body and encourage fertility. We will discuss your current diet and help you make suggested changes during this meeting. I will make suggestions, create meal plans and grocery lists, and am available by phone to encourage you and support you. This isn’t meant to help you lose weight, but is a plan to fill in any gaps in your current nutritional intake.


Birth Doula Client Perks

Lending Library- Personal reading recommendations are offered for every client. If you want to read something I don’t currently have, I’ll order it to add to the library.

Referrals- If you need anything beyond my scope of practice, I can provide personalized, expert recommendations to the best pregnancy and postpartum resources in the area, from postpartum health specialists to lactation consultant support!

Information- PDFs, free handouts, online articles, local groups, education and resources whenever you need it, to your comfort level.

Popular Product Samples & Coupons- Every client receives a Postpartum goodie bag with premium, hand-picked samples or you and helpful information for new moms.

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sublimequotes“Before I became pregnant with my second child I didn’t even know much about Doulas and what their responsibilities were. Once I did some research and looked around for a Doula, I knew Lyndsay was the one I would want. I was very impressed with all of her knowledge and the materials and references she had to answer any of my questions.”

Professionalism, dedication, experience, and personalized care come standard with your Birth Doula package. Starting at $700.

Call me at (757) 598-1783 or email me directly, and let’s chat about your plans, fears, and hopes for this birth experience. Tell me about the support you need and we’ll create the perfect addition to your prenatal care and growing your family.

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