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My husband and I had an excellent experience with Lyndsay.  Throughout my pregnancy she taught my husband and I so many techniques to achieve the natural labor we desired. Her presence during labor was comforting and intuitive. She stepped in when needed and allowed space for my husband to be my main helper (which is exactly what we asked for).  Thank you, thank you Lyndsay for a beautiful experience.

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10% Military Family Discount

Prenatal Meetings & Childbirth Education

sublimemotherhooddoulaWe meet at least twice throughout your pregnancy to talk about labor and delivery, what you and your partner may experience physically, mentally, and emotionally from early labor contractions to delivery of your baby.

This is an easy, conversational way to ask as many questions as you like, explore comfort measures, and plan what you want for your experience. We can also talk about postpartum planning, newborn care, work through specific fears and anxieties you may have about childbirth, and more.

Continuous Personalized Care During Childbirth

sublimemotherhooddoulaI support you throughout labor and delivery, meeting you as many times as you would like during early labor. I do not have a 12 hour clause, I will support you until you are comfortably resting as a new family.

Continuous support during labor includes massage, acupressure, rebozo support, suggestions on positioning and movement, partner encouragement, and much more. I support to your comfort level and hold space for you and your family throughout any situation. While I have never missed a birth, I ensure back up support for every client. (approx 6-48 hours of support)

Postpartum Support

sublimemotherhooddoulaI visit with you within a week after delivery to reflect on the birth experience and assist you with any postpartum or newborn concerns. If you are struggling with breastfeeding, need a shower, or just want someone to listen about what you are feeling as a new parent, I’ll be there to support you and be an unbiased ear. Additional Postpartum Shift details here!

Placenta Encapsulation

sublimemotherhooddoulaPlacenta Encapsulation has been proven to assist in postpartum recovery, helping boost milk supply, regulating postpartum hormones, supplementing your iron levels, and much more. 10% discount on all packages for Doula clients- read about available options here.


Birth Doula Client Perks

Lending Library- Personal reading recommendations are offered for every client. If you want to read something I don’t currently have, I’ll order it to add to the library.

Phone Support- Whenever you have questions, need information on something, or just need an unbiased person to call, I’m there for you. You can call, text, or email me anytime you need extra support.

NEW! Keepsake Jewelry- I have partnered with Made by Mama Studio so that every client receives their choice of a personalized, hand crafted keepsake piece of jewelry they can keep forever. Product choices vary upon chosen package level. Ask me about details!

Information- PDFs, free handouts, online articles, referrals, local groups, education and resources whenever you need it, to your comfort level.

Postpartum Gift Bag- Every client receives a Happy Postpartum package with premium, hand-picked samples as well as helpful information for new parents.

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sublimequotesI am so tired but so in love. I honestly cannot thank you enough for the wonderful birthing experience. it got quite touchy there at the end for me and I truly appreciate you staying with me throughout it, coaching me, and helping me find new positions that worked as situations arose. To everyone who asks I can’t say enough good things about you and my husband. You guys were such a rockstar team!

Professionalism, dedication, experience, and personalized care come standard with your Birth Doula package. Starting at $750.

Call me at (757) 598-1783 or email me directly, and let’s chat about your plans, fears, and hopes for this birth experience. Tell me about the support you need and we’ll create the perfect addition to your prenatal care and growing your family.

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