What to Expect at Meet the Doulas Night

You might have heard about our upcoming event and wondered, what exactly is a “Meet the Doulas” event? If you’re an expectant parent or planning a family, a Doula is an incredible asset to you! We wanted to get the best Doulas in the area together to introduce ourselves, tell you a little bit about what we do, and answer all of your questions!


What to expect?

Meet Local Professionals – This meeting is hosted by the Peninsula Doulas, a local Doula collective committed to serving the local community with compassion and cooperative efforts. You’ll meet experienced Doulas who have unique skill sets, education, and experiences so you can find the best fit for you!

Professional Doulas serving Tidewater region and Hampton Roads area

Learn about DoulasDoulas are a great asset to any birth team or birth situation, reducing intervention rates, increasing mother’s happiness, and supporting the family from pregnancy to postpartum recovery at home. We’re excited to tell you more!

Mini Interviews – You’ll get the chance to meet several local Doulas in a semi-private mini interview, get to know about them and what services they offer, and ask how they can help you achieve the birth you want. You might find yourself having to repeat the same questions, bring a notebook so you can easily recall details!

Here’s some questions to ask:

Why did you decide to become a Doula?

What experience do you have?

What comfort measures do you think are the most helpful?

What are your fees?

How do you help my partner support me?

cuddling with little baby
Make some Mom friends!

Meeting Local Moms – Take this chance to meet some moms and build your village! We’ve all been there. Being a new mom can be really lonely, so another added benefit is meeting other women who are starting this journey into motherhood, just like you!

Resources – Meet the Doulas events are usually held in a location that’s also a resource for new moms, such as a yoga studio or chiropractor’s office, so you get the bonus of learning about other resources that may be available! We’re lucky enough to be hosted on February 3rd by Le Bebe Chic, a lovely baby boutique in Chesapeake that specializes in organic products.

Hanbury Shopping Center baby boutique
Le Bebe Chic Baby Boutique

To attend this free event, reserve your spot now!

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